Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hip Hop Bible Man Trailer

Hip Hop Bible Study Man Hip Hop and Rap Artists are Cursed

The Bible says that Hip Hop and Rap artists are not only cursed but so are their children and their childrens children

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What Does The Bible Say About Hip Hop And Rap Artist Who Don't Care About The People They Are Supposed To Care About

It may seemed far-fetched to make this comparison, but it will make sense to you as I develop it. You recall Esmin Green who died on an hospital room emergency floor after waiting 24 hours for treatment and Ms. Green lay there for nearly an hour before a member of the hospital staff "nudged" her with her foot to tell her to get up. It was then they discovered she was dead.

Recently, David Banner, Master P and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson defending the Hip Hop and Rap industry before members of commerce arguing in turn that capitalism, art and societal mores' validated the "horror music" (David Banner's assessment of his music) that they perform.

Mr. Banner went on to say "Hip Hop is sick because America is sick" this diatribe continued noting the ills of slavery, capitalism, racism, and misoginism and how these contributors are to blame.

What about some personal responsibility? As a Black Moses I personally know all to well how real the aforementioned ills are, yet I also know the power that I have to change the landscape of my community, city, county, state and nation with the power of God who is love for my fellow denizens: souls passing through this plane in search of a better, eternal city called New Jerusalem.

Hip Hop and Rap artist have a responsibility, obligation and a duty to lift from the depths of degradation, not only themselves but every soul they come in contact with. And the desire for wealth, riches and luxury is no excuse or acceptable explanation for perpetuating negative stereotypes within the earth.

The evidence of how false these monetary riches are in adequately addressing the people of the planets need to be free from poverty and decadence is seen in the lives of the Hip Hop/Rap artists. How many glorify the drug dealing dirt from which they rose. Some even taking food stamps from women with children to feed. Or giving drugs to women who are pregnant as the spit the mantra "I don't give a fuck!" And, then when called on they say oh I'm a product of my environment.

Amazing, isn't it the this tough thug who "ain't afraid to die" has no control over the course his life takes or how he will allow evil to be turned to good in his life. Where are their college graduate children who have not been reared in poverty but plenty contributing not only to the community from which their forebears came but the city, county, state and nation as well.

No, I beg to differ with these fine gentlemen and say Hip Hop is not sick because America is sick. Hip Hop is sick because they are. Master P swore under oath before the congressional committee that he had no one to tell him to consider his lyrics and the detrimental effect that could and most likely would have on the impressionable minds of the children. Yet, his younger brother Corey "C-Murder" Miller said in numerous interviews that his grandmother told them about faith in God and even put the track "Lord Help Us" on one of if not his first album. Were these men raised in the same house?

Even if they were not the basic question remains: Am I my brothers keeper? Many Hip Hop and Rap artist if not all are a kind shaman, one who communicates with the spirit world to obtain answers to the problems of their communities and are able to treat illness. But these skills are dark arts brought on and fed by pharmaceuticals, from weed to wine to pills to liquor and the same practices the scriptures speaks of in the old and new testaments. The sacrificing of sanctity for debauchery on the alters of their service. In their studios, in their dressing rooms and sometimes even on stage.

As the weakest among us, our children lay on the hospital floors of their music looking for a better brighter, righter way than they know. The Hip Hop artist themselves admit this and throw a few dollars in the air for them to fight over, the strong that is for the weak will be eaten. The younger the better. If I'm lieing I'm flying. And, with each new rap, with each new beat they kick them and tell them you got to get up. But, they discover again and again they are dead. Do they stop do they do better do they change? No, because they are dark and like roaches they love the darkness for their deeds are evil.

And the Bible says, "Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow." Deut. 24:19-24. Again, in relevant part in Psalm 146:9 the Bible states, "...But He [God] thwarts the way of the wicked." So, we know the end of the Hip Hop and Rap artist who do not care for those they are supposed to care for: E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y.

The good news for the rest of us whom they oppress is found in Isaiah 49:15 God declares, "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she borne?[we know from so many crack and AIDs babies the answer to this is yes], Though she may forget, I will not forget you."

And, as the Hip Hop Bible Man the true spiritual and God sent Black Moses to this generation I will die doing what God told me to do through the profit Jeremiah in Chapter 22 verse 3, " ...Do what is just and right rescue form the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed."

Robbed of what of anything but most importantly of their soul.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hip Hop Rap Freedom of Speech Bible Study w/ Brother Lucious

Hip Hop/ Rap Bible Study with Brother Lucious
What Does the Bible Say About Free Speech?

In recent days the question of rappers and free speech arose yet again. Specifically, the question was posed in Albany, Georgia regarding rapper Gucci Mane's appearance at the Albany Civic Center. City Commissioner Bob Langstaff, after finding some of Gucci Mane's lyrics online decided that Radrick "Gucci Mane" Davis was not appropriate for the Albany venue.

The cock-eyed spin on the Internet story published by Chris Richberg gives the impression that the promoter and Odyssey Record owner are two different people, when, in fact, they are not. Gilbert Udoto the promoter is also Gilbert Udoto Odyssey Records owner. And, Odyssey Record appears to be more of a record store than a record company. Listed in Business categories such as Records, tapes, and compact discs - in Albany, GA, Ret records/Cd's/Tapes, prerecorded Tape, Compact Disc, and Record Stores, with one location, annual sales estimated at less than $500,000.00 and Dunn and Bradstreet lists it worth at $130,000.00. But, there's more.

This is also the Gilbert Udoto of alternately, Big Daddy's, Big Daddy's Liquors and Lounge, and/or Big Daddy's Lounge & Club. Who says that city officials who shall remain nameless came to him (whom he should have thrown under the bus) probably in his record store with hopes of bring a big show to Albany. I have put in several calls to my Godmother Pearl Brown's old classmate at Carter Parramore High School in Quincy, Fla., Dr. Willie (under the bus he goes) Adams, Jr. to no avail. So, how much this city father does or does not know is still unknown.

So we still don't know whose bright idea it was to bring one of the preeminent gangsta rappers to Albany. But, Udoto said that $40,000.00 had already been paid by Udoto to ensure Gucci Manes appearance. But is it a hollow victory for Udoto, as the Albany Civic Center is not allowing any alcohol to be sold at the show. It would have been my educated opinion that Udoto would have been selling the alcohol and the quality of the alcohol these boys like is always top shelf which translates in merchants terms to top dollar. Hopefully, he can get them to come to his lounge and buy a few bottles.

Anyway that was a long aside, to get you to the meat and potatoes of the blog. With specific emphasis on Hip Hoppers, Rappers and the Bible what's up with freedom of speech? Dan Kellum wrote in an article posted by Rasputin that we are the only county in the world that enjoys freedom of speech. And, I add the most unfettered. Now, then are we saying we can walk up to any stranger on the streets and start screaming pejoratives into his puzzled, tightening face. Not in America, the Supreme Court found that "fighting words" are not protected and fall into the exception to the First Amendment Freedom of Speech rule. By God, under that construct alone we may outlaw a whole lot of music from a whole lot of genre's. Because the Supreme failed to define fighting words so it becomes something that must be ruled on a case by case basis.

Here's a case, a briefer aside. Bill Wilson publishes and article to the Internet entitled "White House Vilifies Americans Who Exercise Right to Free Speech." Mr. Wilson claims the White House and Democratic Congresspersons have "authorized" the DNC to attack every American who disagrees with the man who occupies the Oval Office. As if said man does not have a name or hold the office of highest respect in American government whose name is and remain Barack Obama and he is the President of the United States of America. Get use to it.

Mr. Wilson goes on to say, in short that because the White House Media Director asked all who are receiving mass email with untruths regarding the Health Insurance Reform Bill to forward them on to his office the Media Director is vilifying its citizens. Libel and slander are still actionable offenses in this country. And, you Mr. Wilson were heard to be saying something libelous or slanderous about President Obama or spreading insightful rhetoric it must be discovered. No more throwing rocks and then hiding your hands.

Why are you so afraid of the persons sending the emails you admit exit being discovered?
Your free speech Mr. Wilson was pugnacious in my view as mine is intended to be toward you. I take umbrage when anyone tries to defend what they themselves knows is fundamentally, morally, and legally wrong. Free Speech, right?

John 8:32 "You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free." Freedom of speech, Betty Miller wrote in the Bible Answers post, "What Does the Bible Say About… Freedom of Speech." First defining the definitions of freedom and truth. Freedom defined in Webster's as absence of necessity coercion, or constraint in choice of action. Freedom involves choice. I agree. Man is a free moral agent with a free will and laws to obey. He may choose not to obey those laws but then there are consequences. God is all over the American foundation.

The God of the Holy Bible the book still used to as used to inaugurate our first justices and president, congressman and senators. This not just symbolically but religiously, in the sense that one finds justice and righteousness here as these oaths are stated that are stated on a book with a so help me God, acknowledging that without him you cannot accomplish the task. Psalm 2: 10-11 "Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling"

The Bible teaches that we have an obligation to influence this government and this world for the good. How does sitting idly by execute this mandate? Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rap/Hip Hop Culture, Health Care Reform and the Bible

Come Out From The Darkness
Children are dying, mothers are crying, fathers are trying - we need health care reform today now.
Chorus: shine your light, come out from the darkness, (4x)
Where would Jesus stand, on Obama's Health Plan, for or against, would he smile, or would he wince, His words were the founders ground rules, Back in my day they were taught in all schools, and whoever now has this worlds riches, and turns away from families living in ditches, cannot be said to know God when he pitches, a fit and a lie, senoirs would die, the middle class would cry, lions tigers and bears, my oh my,
doctors and insurance companies too, know the poor would get what they are morally due.
The principle of sowing and reaping crop, includes for the poor you must leave all you drop, stop, consider this,
Are you opening your hands, or shaking you fists,
Will you help those in trouble of make their trouble double-
Come out, come out wherever you are in the darkenss, hard, cold and tight,
Step up, step out and shine your marvelous light
Receive for yourself the favor of God, the glory of good, knowing with the righteous you have stood
Make sure Health Care passes this year,,
And no family is left at acoffin draped with tears.
Give to the poor and you will never want, close up your heart and you will only taunt,
Yourself, your wealth and your health,
What goes around comes around- that which is up must come down,
But hoe will you land on you head or your feet,
The all powerful God you will never beat, make the sactifice for the poor of our land,
And stop making excuses why you cannot be a man,
Forget the greed you have fed so long, and meet the need that is righteous and strong
Some perfer a lie rather than the truth, but that is rarely said of America's youth,
Former Governor Palin's lie of a "Death Panel" disavowed by politicians of her own state, shoult give great insight as to how her comments rate,
Republican attacks on health insurance reform, is par politics and in keeping with the norm,
Special Interest Groups, PACs are on the prowl to rob your pure mind and like theirs make it foul.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hip Hop Culture, Fatherless Children and the Bible

Exodus 22:22-24 tells us that the fatherless are typically the unprotected and necessitous, specially subject to oppression, and also to God's special protection. As well , Deuteronomy 14:28, 29; 26:12-14 instructions are given that a charitable fund is to be formed out of the tithe, once every three years, for the relief of the destitute. Further, Deuteronomy declares that God is on their side in 10:18. The theme is consistent throughout scripture as well as in Ex. 22:24 God said the punishment for those who oppress these fatherless will die violently and their wives will be widows and their children fatherless.

Is it then really no wonder that so many rappers of violence wind up in a senseless violent death and their women left alone to rear, protect and shelter the children? Children are particularly vulnerable in our society and we who are in positions of power to effect positive change in their lives continue to look away. Ignoring is also a form of oppression. And, we wonder why either do not or cannot maintain a position of prosperity.

A rapper is only as good as his last piece of work. This is why I extol the gospel rappers who propagate the value of a moral life lived before God and your fellow man. The more I host Hip Hop and Rap Bible Study with Brother Lucious, the more I am convenced that with a concerted effort we will change the world one community at a time. When we realize it not just about those in our household or even those who share our bloodline. But, those who need our help. Those who God has mandated us to care for... the children.

Why is the Fostercare system in this country still overburdened when we see rappers buy multimillion dollar toys and take care of a few family members and friends. Isn't it time that the ones who claim to be speaking the raw truth live some raw truth. The Fostercare system is filled with the children of addicts created by or with the help many of them either directly or through their music. Yet, the accept no responsiblity. And, expect for God to hear them and make them rich. Nebuchadnazzer the Great was not much different. The king of Babylon look out from his rooftop to see his amazing empire, declaring look at what I have created. The Bible says that then and there Nebuchadnezzar is humbled by God. The king loses his sanity and lives in the wild like an animal for seven years. After this, his sanity and position are restored and he praises and honors God.

This is my prophecy and my prayer for the secular rappers out there thinking they're the drug lord Tony Montana. Let them lose their minds until they come to the conclusion that there is only one Lord and He is God. May they step up to the plate and demonstrate that they mean to change the communities of the earth with block parties to establish real relationships that serve as conduits for change locally and globally.

Stop buying their CD's, mp3 Downloads or other media they sell until they answer this Blog.

May Gods' be will all involved inside and out, including us, and teach us to let him order what we say and do in these last hours of our lives.By the way do you want to learn how to produce and promote your own rap music on a shoe-string budget?Download my new recording "How to Jump Start Your Rap Career Online for less than $50.00" here: email me at to receive CD for shipping fee of 7.77.Rev. Lucious Clarence "G.G. Grinder" Conway, Jr. teaches, coaches, and consults, individuals of all ages and backgrounds as well as large, medium and large corporations on how to package and sell themselves and their products online above market rates. G. G. says, "If you have the skill set to rap and/or produce it and you want to get out there on a label or start your own, I can get you there." Visit GG at:

Friday, August 14, 2009

C-Murder Convicted To Serve Life AGAIN!

Having served county time myself, I cannot imagine what a lifetime in prison would be like other than crazy-making, unless you knew the Lord, the Words of prayer and a way to witness and do everything you do as unto the Lord. Today I entered a Christian rap competition at BarsofFreedomContest. The title of my song Rain Down on Me Melodies. It is taken from the Bible text where disciples Paul and Silas are locked up in a Philipi jail for preaching and teaching Jesus. But, at midnight they begin to pray and sing praises to God. After a while the jail begins to shake all the chains and shackles on the prisoners fall of and the doors of the cells open.

How I hope somehow Corey Miller will at least have the opportunity to hear this piece or at least be directed to the passage in Acts16:25 - 34 that he might know musical bars are far, far stronger than iron ones.

That yet another young man was sentenced to life without parole is heart wrenching for me. I also understand the loss of a very young man such as 16-year-old Steve Thomas. But, to this day I do not understand how such a young boy would have been allowed into a bar with those over 18 or twenty-one. For that I look to his parents and their parental judgment. That seems to me an accident waiting to happen.

Really, we're talking about in the middle of the night. Why would your sixteen year old even be out the door? And, wasn't school in session? While I sympathize with the sentiment that they can't bring their baby back, if they would have kept him home it would be a non-issue. So, for me the boy and his parents carry the lions share of the responsibility.

A sixteen year old's mind is not fully developed so he must rely on the judgment of his parents and if they see fit to allow him to get into harms way it must be expected that each time he finds himself there, the more likely it is that he will be a victim of harm.

All of the hate being spewed by so many because of the type of music he made and maybe the attempted murder charges he pled no contest to and served 3 of a 7 year bid is altogether justified. A time like this is never a time to rejoice, but a time to pray. Anyone that is happy about this verdict is sick in their hearts and also need prayer if not psychotropic medication.

May God be will all involved inside and out, including us, and teach us to let him order what we say and do in these last hours of our lives.

By the way do you want to learn how to produce and promote your own rap music on a shoe-string budget?Download my new recording "How to Jump Start Your Rap Career Online for less than $50.00" here: email me at to receive CD for shipping fee of 7.77.

Rev. Lucious Clarence "G.G. Grinder" Conway, Jr. teaches, coaches, and consults, individuals of all ages and backgrounds as well as large, medium and large corporations on how to package and sell themselves and their products online above market rates. G. G. says, "If you have the skill set to rap and/or produce it and you want to get out there on a label or start your own, I can get you there." Visit GG at:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Corey "C-Murder" Miller Sentencing August 14, 2009

Tomorrow Corey "C-Murder" Miller, R&B Artist Monica's ex-fiance and brother of rapper Percy "Master P' Miller, and uncle of rapper Percy Romeo "lil Romeo" Miller, Jr., will face the Court for sentencing in his Tuesday, August 11, 2009 second-degree murder conviction in the killing of Steve Thomas who was 16 at the time of the incident. It was alleged that the 16 year old Thomas was beaten and fatally shot on January 12, 2002, by Miller. The prosecutions wrongheaded decision to expunge or otherwise withhold the criminal backgrounds of the two alleged "eye witnesses" caused the first conviction reached in September 2003, to be overturned.

Miller's nine defense witnesses lacked credibility when they gave different descriptions of Miller's clothing and Miller's location inside the club at the time of the alleged incident.

Miller has already served seven years on an automatic life sentence for the previous conviction and will likely face the same sentence on tomorrow, August 14, 2009 in the Jefferson Parrish Court. On we will discussing this case in the context of how, why and should we judge people, outside of the judicial system. There are those that of course come down fundamentally on both sides and the Bible to many seem unclear on the question. There are verse that say "do not judge" as well as verses that say "judge". Is this a contradiction in the scripture or is it possible to harmonize that which seems at odds with itself inside the Bible.

Rev. Lucious Clarence "G.G. Grinder" Conway, Jr., host of is thoroughly convinced that these verse may be harmonized as one looks at through the prism of the context in which they were written with the ultimate answer being we don't judge men we judge their actions.

Should Miller receive a life imprisonment sentence, he is expected to appeal all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The question remains however, how many years in prison will he have served by that time? Allegations from the family abound that the criminal justice system in Jefferson Parrish, LA may be tainted by racism and bigotry, which would not be new for the American South. Nor apparently would the adage be applicable that you get as must justice as you pay for. Were that the case it would seem the Miller rap empire would have sufficient to buy Corey out of this dreadful predicament that may leave his three daughters virtually fatherless.

By the way do you want to learn how to produce and promote your own rap music on a shoe-string budget?

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Rev. Lucious Clarence "G.G. Grinder" Conway, Jr. teaches, coaches, and consults, individuals aof all ages and backgrounds as well as large, medium and large corporations on how to package and sell themselves and their products online above market rates. G. G. says, "If you have the skill set to rap and/or produce it and you want to get out there on a label or start your own, I can get you there." Visit GG at:
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