Friday, August 14, 2009

C-Murder Convicted To Serve Life AGAIN!

Having served county time myself, I cannot imagine what a lifetime in prison would be like other than crazy-making, unless you knew the Lord, the Words of prayer and a way to witness and do everything you do as unto the Lord. Today I entered a Christian rap competition at BarsofFreedomContest. The title of my song Rain Down on Me Melodies. It is taken from the Bible text where disciples Paul and Silas are locked up in a Philipi jail for preaching and teaching Jesus. But, at midnight they begin to pray and sing praises to God. After a while the jail begins to shake all the chains and shackles on the prisoners fall of and the doors of the cells open.

How I hope somehow Corey Miller will at least have the opportunity to hear this piece or at least be directed to the passage in Acts16:25 - 34 that he might know musical bars are far, far stronger than iron ones.

That yet another young man was sentenced to life without parole is heart wrenching for me. I also understand the loss of a very young man such as 16-year-old Steve Thomas. But, to this day I do not understand how such a young boy would have been allowed into a bar with those over 18 or twenty-one. For that I look to his parents and their parental judgment. That seems to me an accident waiting to happen.

Really, we're talking about in the middle of the night. Why would your sixteen year old even be out the door? And, wasn't school in session? While I sympathize with the sentiment that they can't bring their baby back, if they would have kept him home it would be a non-issue. So, for me the boy and his parents carry the lions share of the responsibility.

A sixteen year old's mind is not fully developed so he must rely on the judgment of his parents and if they see fit to allow him to get into harms way it must be expected that each time he finds himself there, the more likely it is that he will be a victim of harm.

All of the hate being spewed by so many because of the type of music he made and maybe the attempted murder charges he pled no contest to and served 3 of a 7 year bid is altogether justified. A time like this is never a time to rejoice, but a time to pray. Anyone that is happy about this verdict is sick in their hearts and also need prayer if not psychotropic medication.

May God be will all involved inside and out, including us, and teach us to let him order what we say and do in these last hours of our lives.

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