Saturday, August 29, 2009

What Does The Bible Say About Hip Hop And Rap Artist Who Don't Care About The People They Are Supposed To Care About

It may seemed far-fetched to make this comparison, but it will make sense to you as I develop it. You recall Esmin Green who died on an hospital room emergency floor after waiting 24 hours for treatment and Ms. Green lay there for nearly an hour before a member of the hospital staff "nudged" her with her foot to tell her to get up. It was then they discovered she was dead.

Recently, David Banner, Master P and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson defending the Hip Hop and Rap industry before members of commerce arguing in turn that capitalism, art and societal mores' validated the "horror music" (David Banner's assessment of his music) that they perform.

Mr. Banner went on to say "Hip Hop is sick because America is sick" this diatribe continued noting the ills of slavery, capitalism, racism, and misoginism and how these contributors are to blame.

What about some personal responsibility? As a Black Moses I personally know all to well how real the aforementioned ills are, yet I also know the power that I have to change the landscape of my community, city, county, state and nation with the power of God who is love for my fellow denizens: souls passing through this plane in search of a better, eternal city called New Jerusalem.

Hip Hop and Rap artist have a responsibility, obligation and a duty to lift from the depths of degradation, not only themselves but every soul they come in contact with. And the desire for wealth, riches and luxury is no excuse or acceptable explanation for perpetuating negative stereotypes within the earth.

The evidence of how false these monetary riches are in adequately addressing the people of the planets need to be free from poverty and decadence is seen in the lives of the Hip Hop/Rap artists. How many glorify the drug dealing dirt from which they rose. Some even taking food stamps from women with children to feed. Or giving drugs to women who are pregnant as the spit the mantra "I don't give a fuck!" And, then when called on they say oh I'm a product of my environment.

Amazing, isn't it the this tough thug who "ain't afraid to die" has no control over the course his life takes or how he will allow evil to be turned to good in his life. Where are their college graduate children who have not been reared in poverty but plenty contributing not only to the community from which their forebears came but the city, county, state and nation as well.

No, I beg to differ with these fine gentlemen and say Hip Hop is not sick because America is sick. Hip Hop is sick because they are. Master P swore under oath before the congressional committee that he had no one to tell him to consider his lyrics and the detrimental effect that could and most likely would have on the impressionable minds of the children. Yet, his younger brother Corey "C-Murder" Miller said in numerous interviews that his grandmother told them about faith in God and even put the track "Lord Help Us" on one of if not his first album. Were these men raised in the same house?

Even if they were not the basic question remains: Am I my brothers keeper? Many Hip Hop and Rap artist if not all are a kind shaman, one who communicates with the spirit world to obtain answers to the problems of their communities and are able to treat illness. But these skills are dark arts brought on and fed by pharmaceuticals, from weed to wine to pills to liquor and the same practices the scriptures speaks of in the old and new testaments. The sacrificing of sanctity for debauchery on the alters of their service. In their studios, in their dressing rooms and sometimes even on stage.

As the weakest among us, our children lay on the hospital floors of their music looking for a better brighter, righter way than they know. The Hip Hop artist themselves admit this and throw a few dollars in the air for them to fight over, the strong that is for the weak will be eaten. The younger the better. If I'm lieing I'm flying. And, with each new rap, with each new beat they kick them and tell them you got to get up. But, they discover again and again they are dead. Do they stop do they do better do they change? No, because they are dark and like roaches they love the darkness for their deeds are evil.

And the Bible says, "Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow." Deut. 24:19-24. Again, in relevant part in Psalm 146:9 the Bible states, "...But He [God] thwarts the way of the wicked." So, we know the end of the Hip Hop and Rap artist who do not care for those they are supposed to care for: E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y.

The good news for the rest of us whom they oppress is found in Isaiah 49:15 God declares, "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she borne?[we know from so many crack and AIDs babies the answer to this is yes], Though she may forget, I will not forget you."

And, as the Hip Hop Bible Man the true spiritual and God sent Black Moses to this generation I will die doing what God told me to do through the profit Jeremiah in Chapter 22 verse 3, " ...Do what is just and right rescue form the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed."

Robbed of what of anything but most importantly of their soul.

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