Thursday, August 13, 2009

Corey "C-Murder" Miller Sentencing August 14, 2009

Tomorrow Corey "C-Murder" Miller, R&B Artist Monica's ex-fiance and brother of rapper Percy "Master P' Miller, and uncle of rapper Percy Romeo "lil Romeo" Miller, Jr., will face the Court for sentencing in his Tuesday, August 11, 2009 second-degree murder conviction in the killing of Steve Thomas who was 16 at the time of the incident. It was alleged that the 16 year old Thomas was beaten and fatally shot on January 12, 2002, by Miller. The prosecutions wrongheaded decision to expunge or otherwise withhold the criminal backgrounds of the two alleged "eye witnesses" caused the first conviction reached in September 2003, to be overturned.

Miller's nine defense witnesses lacked credibility when they gave different descriptions of Miller's clothing and Miller's location inside the club at the time of the alleged incident.

Miller has already served seven years on an automatic life sentence for the previous conviction and will likely face the same sentence on tomorrow, August 14, 2009 in the Jefferson Parrish Court. On we will discussing this case in the context of how, why and should we judge people, outside of the judicial system. There are those that of course come down fundamentally on both sides and the Bible to many seem unclear on the question. There are verse that say "do not judge" as well as verses that say "judge". Is this a contradiction in the scripture or is it possible to harmonize that which seems at odds with itself inside the Bible.

Rev. Lucious Clarence "G.G. Grinder" Conway, Jr., host of is thoroughly convinced that these verse may be harmonized as one looks at through the prism of the context in which they were written with the ultimate answer being we don't judge men we judge their actions.

Should Miller receive a life imprisonment sentence, he is expected to appeal all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The question remains however, how many years in prison will he have served by that time? Allegations from the family abound that the criminal justice system in Jefferson Parrish, LA may be tainted by racism and bigotry, which would not be new for the American South. Nor apparently would the adage be applicable that you get as must justice as you pay for. Were that the case it would seem the Miller rap empire would have sufficient to buy Corey out of this dreadful predicament that may leave his three daughters virtually fatherless.

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