Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rap/Hip Hop Culture, Health Care Reform and the Bible

Come Out From The Darkness
Children are dying, mothers are crying, fathers are trying - we need health care reform today now.
Chorus: shine your light, come out from the darkness, (4x)
Where would Jesus stand, on Obama's Health Plan, for or against, would he smile, or would he wince, His words were the founders ground rules, Back in my day they were taught in all schools, and whoever now has this worlds riches, and turns away from families living in ditches, cannot be said to know God when he pitches, a fit and a lie, senoirs would die, the middle class would cry, lions tigers and bears, my oh my,
doctors and insurance companies too, know the poor would get what they are morally due.
The principle of sowing and reaping crop, includes for the poor you must leave all you drop, stop, consider this,
Are you opening your hands, or shaking you fists,
Will you help those in trouble of make their trouble double-
Come out, come out wherever you are in the darkenss, hard, cold and tight,
Step up, step out and shine your marvelous light
Receive for yourself the favor of God, the glory of good, knowing with the righteous you have stood
Make sure Health Care passes this year,,
And no family is left at acoffin draped with tears.
Give to the poor and you will never want, close up your heart and you will only taunt,
Yourself, your wealth and your health,
What goes around comes around- that which is up must come down,
But hoe will you land on you head or your feet,
The all powerful God you will never beat, make the sactifice for the poor of our land,
And stop making excuses why you cannot be a man,
Forget the greed you have fed so long, and meet the need that is righteous and strong
Some perfer a lie rather than the truth, but that is rarely said of America's youth,
Former Governor Palin's lie of a "Death Panel" disavowed by politicians of her own state, shoult give great insight as to how her comments rate,
Republican attacks on health insurance reform, is par politics and in keeping with the norm,
Special Interest Groups, PACs are on the prowl to rob your pure mind and like theirs make it foul.

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